Small Business

Small Business Resources to Grow Your Success

At Compass Rose Consulting we provide a wealth of resources and coaching services for small business owners.  Our services and products range from e-books, tele-classes and webinars to full service coaching through the Small Business Program:  Bizology Gold.

Bizology.Biz is my step by step self study program for small business owners. It’s like taking your business to school.  For four months we work together to get your business moving in a new way or bigger way.  Guided by the four pillars of business success, Bizology.Biz walks business owners through an effective process of business development with a goal of business growth and business success.

Some entrepreneurs want to work on their own at their own pace.  Or maybe you don’t want to share what your challenges are.  That’s fine.  We have solutions.

Below you will find our different self study membership programs.  Each of these programs provides resources delivered to you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to support your small business development:

Comprehensive Small Business Development

Bizology.Biz: This is our state of the art Business development program.  Bizology.Biz walks you step by step through a process of business building that has worked for many businesses to date.  You receive bi-weekly lessons and one LIVE coaching call each month. During the group coaching call you decide what we talk about. If you are challenged with a marketing strategy, we can talk about it.  If you need support figuring out how to set up your operations, we can talk about it. The call is open to you to ask your questions.

Sales Training Resources

More New Sales, NOW! is for the entrepreneur that is challenged in the Sales Arena.  If you need support figuring out how to make sales, then this program is great.  This is a membership program that lasts for just three months.  Work through each weekly lesson and create your action plan and you WILL see improvements in your sales.

Small Business Marketing Resources

Entrepreneur’s Marketing Report: This site provides new marketing reports every two weeks.  You can also decide to buy each report individually if you don’t want to have to wait for a specific report or you only want a specific report.

Make Sure That Your Small Business Succeeds

Each of these programs is a self study program that supports your small business development at your speed.  You can join one or all three.  The Small Business Success Institute provides you with the intensive training and support of a Business Success Coach that further ensures that you make it in the small business world.  Instead of being a failing business owner, we work to make sure you succeed beyond your vision.   Many say that small businesses are the heart of the country.  We work to make sure that your small business is just that, part of what keeps our economy going.