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Leadership Coaching – for success, reaching dreams beyond your imagination.

We work with executives in several ways, to improve and enhance their own performance and leadership skills; to move from managing to leading and coaching their staff and to creating extraordinary businesses and work places. Executive Coaching can be included as part of the Best Year Yet™ program or on its own.

The results we work towards are:

  • Enhanced vision and clarity of purpose
  • Increased employee retention
  • Increased productivity and financials
  • Improved organizational functioning
  • Enhanced balance within the organization and between personal and professional life
  • Increased skills in coaching and leading – this enhances the performance of your staff
  • Improved performance

How do we do it? Through coaching support and skill development:

  • Individualized planning and support
  • Communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Skill development and training

Areas of focus:

  • Strategic planning
  • Management — how to supervise staff, developing effective policies, employee handbooks, having supervisory conversations, talking in real ways with staff to enhance performance.
  • Marketing: developing new and enhanced marketing strategies with effective systems for tracking
    • maximizing internet marketing
    • using newsletters, e-zines, auto-responders for effective relationship building
    • snail mail, post cards, cold calls
    • selling– easily and painlessly
  • Developing new services, new products
  • Coaching staff for success — we teach managers and supervisors coaching skills so that they can enhance the performance of their teams through effective coaching and leadership. Leadership built on trust, relationship and commitment to goals.

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