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Micro-Management vs. Empowerment | micro manages

The Micro-Manager...Are YOU on Task?

The Micro-Manager…Are YOU on Task?

The leader that micro-manages his or her team, might be sacrificing bottom line results and team performance for that control. Control is hard to give up when you are the leader or manager.  You just have that feeling that others won’t do it as well as you, or that if you don’t make every decision, mistakes will be made.  To some extent that is true.  When you think back to your own journey you can probably find a few mistakes that you made along the way.  They were lessons that have guided your ultimate success.  Empowering your staff gives them responsibility and opens up the possibilities of mistakes and new lessons.  Part of the leader’s responsibility is training staff to take on responsibility.  The other part is letting go of the micro level control and empowering staff to do things, perhaps differently than you would and perhaps better!

When leaders have to have control over each detail they slow operations down, they demoralize the staff and decrease performance.  Staff Have ideas, insights into the day to day operations of companies.  They can anticipate problems and see ways to overcome them.  They know the tasks that need to get done and can schedule those to fit into the team’s workload more effectively.  When leaders don’t empower their staff the results are poorer.  But the results are even direr than that.  Demoralized staff doesn’t stay forever.  They look for other options.  They seek positions where there are opportunities for growth and increased responsibility.

The micro-manger needs to do some self-reflection to identify why they need control.  What is holding them back from letting their staff shine and take the lead?  Often it is their own confidence and the need to recognition.  Confident and self-assured leaders can give over the reins to their staff.

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Business Success Coach, Donna Price, works with business leaders and their teams to strategically improve their business results. Using proven processes and ongoing follow up and coaching Price has a track record of supporting business owners in creating and living their vision. As a leadership consultant Donna works with leaders and teams to assess current status and then create solutions to improve leadership skills and team functioning. Donna is also a published author, having released her first book: "Launching Your Dream" in 2006. She also wrote and developed "Bizology.Biz: A Business Success System" and has that in both published version or via a membership. Donna is an expert in facilitation, group process and leadership as well as marketing and Internet Marketing.

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