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Compass Leadership Group

Compass NORTH Executive Leadership Groups

The Compass NORTH Executive Leadership Group is for business leaders committed to developing their personal leadership skills to a level of extraordinary.  Effective Leaders are authentic, real and operate from their values, and with heart.

Being an authentic leader is challenging.  Leaders are bombarded with opportunities. Staying true to yourself, your vision, your north is challenging.

Compass NORTH Executive Leadership Groups bring business leaders together to share the leadership journey, learn new skills and refine their leadership abilities.

Once each month, join other leaders with passion, commitment and determination, come together to learn and grow their leadership skills, their team building skills, their employee engagement skills and more….

Compass Executive NORTH Leadership Groups kick off with “The True North Personal Journey Journal”.  (Bill George) Each member commits to developing their authentic leadership skills.

Our Compass NORTH Executive Leadership Groups:

  • Meet monthly for 2 hours in person meetings
  • Meet monthly for one action call virtually
  • Offer bi-monthly leadership skill development video cast or in person workshop

Dedicating time to your personal leadership development is a worthy investment.  It is an investment in your personal growth and that of your company or team.  Effective leadership skills include many skills sets including:

  • personal interaction skills
  • people dynamics
  • communication
  • team skills
  • accountability
  • strategic planning
  • performance improvement
  • employee engagement
  • and more….

They are built intentionally and strategically to improve your business.  Leadership development is a highly effective strategy for business growth and development.

Investing in yourself, the young leaders on your team and managers just makes good business sense.

Our Compass NORTH Executive Leadership Groups are affordable and accessible.  Each meeting is scheduled to meet the needs of the group.  Virtual meetings are recorded and accessible to group members that are unable to make the meeting live.  The same holds true for the leadership skill development workshops.

Leadership Skill Development Workshops include topics such as:

  • leadership
  • coaching skills
  • team building skills
  • team assessment
  • performance improvement strategies
  • accountability processes
  • goal setting
  • strategic planning
  • and more, depending upon the needs of the group members.

Our Compass NORTH Executive Leadership Groups are based on the the research of Bill George and Doug Baker.  Using their format for True North Groups members benefit from the rich information available through this process and from that of experienced executive coaches and facilitators. In addition, we bring in other resources such as the Leadership Challenge®, Leadership Assessments, Team Assessments and more.

We offer a rich environment for intentionally working on and developing effective leadership skills.

Compass NORTH Executive Leadership Group meets in Northern New Jersey.  The group is designed for executive leaders of small companies.

We believe that leadership is a journey and that like any other skill there is lifelong learning and practice involved in order to improve your skills.  We bring to you the compass to guide you along the way.  Each program that we use is based on years of research and expertise.

Leadership Development is an investment, just like every other business expense.  What happens when you fail to lead effectively?  Money and resources are wasted.  Good employees resign and take their knowledge, skills and training to other competitors.  Effective leadership increases the results that your company produces and decreases the resources wasted.

Compass Executive Leadership Groups start with an initial investment of $1497 and a monthly investment of $497.

Compass Leadership Group
The Compass NORTH Executive Leadership Group is limited to 10 participants and must meet executive qualifications. You will be contacted for a personal interview upon completion of your registration. $1497 Initial Registration and $497 Monthly.
Available Qty: 10

When you are evaluating the cost and the impact keep in mind the cost of NOT developing your leadership skills.  The costs can be a loss of time, resources, personnel, clients…

It can seem like an extravagance, but the reality is that it is solid business strategy.  Businesses that invest in their staffs, the skill development and refinement see better organizational results.  The reason that this group works is that it gives you skills and then a chance to refine those skills in a safe environment, with the support of an executive coaching.

Training alone rarely works for the long term.  It has a short lived impact.  Training + Executive Coaching has higher results.