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Conflict Resolution Article Published!

Conflict Resolution Article Published in the Drake Business Review

A recent article that I wrote on Conflict Resolution in the workplace was picked up by the Drake Business Review and included in their recent issue.

It is always fun to be published and gain additional exposure and readership.  This was especially fun because it happened organically, through article marketing!  A strategy that I have used for years and seen pay off in different ways over the years.

If you aren’t familiar with article marketing, I highly recommend that you learn about it in our Bizology.Biz program.  It is one of the many valuable marketing lessons.

The article here was published online a while ago and outlines a process for conflict resolution for managers, business leaders and small business owners.  Conflict occurs everywhere.  The art is in dealing with the conflict in an effective and meaningful way.  This process is simple to use and can work with employees as well as sixth graders.

Leave your thoughts and ideas about conflict resolution here and we can all learn more about the challenges that workers, employers and people in general are facing regarding conflict.

Include your thoughts on process as well.  Click the cover to access the journal article!!

You can download a copy of the article here:


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