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“Launching Your Dreams: Stop Day Dreaming and Live Your Vision”, by Business Success Coach Donna Price, is newly released in its second edition.  It continues to be an effective and proven process for taking a day dream off the shelf, visioning it and bringing it into your reality.  What dream have you been sitting on? Waiting for the right moment… Take a step today and buy your “Launching Your Dream” book and kit.

The book takes you step by step through along the path of “Launching Your Dreams” and becoming a dream builder.  Once you learn how to build your dreams you can do it over and over again!

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“When people create and embrace their dreams, their world changes. But launching their dream often feels like an overwhelming challenge. Donna Price’s book takes people through that challenge, providing both inspiration and technique for launching their dream. I have found her approach to be a valuable benefit to clients in my own practice.”
Linda Schmidt, LC Schmidt Associates

We are all dreamers and we have each realized some of what we wanted, but for many there is that lingering day dream that sits untouched, waiting patiently to be remembered or ignited.  “Launching Your Dream” helps you to grab it and begin the journey of taking it off the shelf, getting it off the ground and into motion.  How does your life change – when you launch your dream?  And, why do you wait?  Is there a magical moment for dream launching or do we stand in our own way of making the things we want happen?  Donna shares techniques you can use to get yourself out of the way, to change the internal dialogue that holds you back and create a new empowering dialogue that propels you forward.

Don’t continue to leave your dream and
vision waiting, take the action to Launch Your Dream…..

This is one EXTRAordinary book!  There are many books on creating dreams in your life that I have read and I’ve even written a couple, and this book is an essential to read.  It is simple, down to earth and gives you a process that gives you all the tools  to really bring your dream into your life, in an easy, effortless, fun way.  Simply said, I LOVE this book and know you’ll be inspired by it, as I was.

Terri Levine, Comprehensive
Coaching U

Launching Your Dream” Kit:

The kit gives you all the tools you need.  It is a complete multi-sensory experience in dream making.  A guided visualization, tools for being in touch with your dream and vision, keeping it alive and making a successful plan for achieving it all!  Buy your kit today and start living your dreams instead of just daydreaming.


  • Launching Your Dream Booklaunchingyourdreamkit
  • Launching Your Dream Workbook
  • Reflection Cards for tapping into your wisdom.
  • Two Audio CD’s of the “Launching Your Dream” process — I walk you through
    the process of visioning and dreaming and taking action!
  • Guided Visualization CD; with two guided visualizations, one to get you
    started and one to get you to implementation
  • Visual Slide Show CD: a tool for when you are stuck and need a
    help getting unstuck.
  • Special surprises — small tools.
  • Complete instruction sheet for all of the enclosed pieces.

“Launching Your Dream” Kit: $179.00 + shipping/handling

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Want Donna to share her story with your group.  Donna provides Launching Your Dream as a Keynote Speech and can accommodate your time-frame.  Books are offered to groups at a discounted rate when bought for the entire audience.

Donna also provides in-depth training on the Launching Your Dream process, facilitating 1/2 day, full day and multi-day retreats.  Kits can be offered at a discount when purchased for the group attending.  The retreat is a powerful process of visioning, action planning and putting into motion the things that need to happen to LIVE the dream instead of daydreaming.

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