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Welcome to the Book Shelf. Here you will find our programs, books and resources for you.  As always, the focus is on building your business success through effective business coaching, information, mentoring and training.

The Book Shelf is full and growing library of resources for you.  Below are books I have authored.

Check back regularly as I add new materials for your continued learning and success.

New Edition of Launching Your Dreams: Stop Day Dreaming & Live YOUR Vision

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Just Released: December 2011:  Coaching Staff for Success

Coaching Staff for Success is a guide for managers ready to shift their management style from top down, controlling and micro-management to one of collaboration, and performance focused. Coaching Staff for Success gives managers a simple to use approach for working with staff that changes the workplace culture, overall. When managers are coaching and not just telling, they learn more about the workflow, and their staff. With more information they are able to create better results for the organization.


Launching Your Dream

Are you thinking about that dream, and wondering how can a simple book help me move it forward?  Maybe you’ve had the dream for years and you just haven’t had the time, the energy, and the resources.  In “Launching Your Dream” you will learn techniques for clearly visioning the dream, planning it and ultimately living it. In the book you will be inspired by the story of my dreaming and living

Create your dream, move it into your life…..   $17.00 + shipping

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The Launching Your Dream Kit is a complete multi-media kit for moving your dream into your reality.  The Kit includes audio CDs, guided meditations, reflection cards, the Launching Your Dream book and workbook.

With the Launching Your Dream Kit you have all the tools you need to take a dream from an idea to reality.

$97 + Shipping & Handling

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This book is filled with wisdom and great advice from a group of wonderful authors and experts including Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, Ken Blanchard, Byron Katie and me, Donna Price!!! Order your copy today and be sure to let me know what you think!

My story in this book is more personal and not business focused but lessons abound.


And learn more about Bizology.Biz

bizology program

Bizology.Biz my state of the art, self study, business development program is also available!!  Find the full Bizology package or individual workbooks here:

This is my comprehensive business development system that is working for many entrepreneurs and small business owners.  I guide you step by step through a system for building your business success.

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