About CRC

Compass Rose Consulting Mission

To work with individuals and businesses to live their vision instead of daydreaming.

Compass Rose Consulting (CRC) works with your organization to develop the skills needed to navigate change.  We give you the compass. CRC works with teams, organizations, camps, communities, faith groups and youth to innovate change, enhance communication and touch the spirit of the individual, the group or the organization. CRC offers a diverse set of services to meet the varied needs of individuals and organizations. Donna Price, works with the leaders of the organization to determine the direction and the parameters within which to work. She can also work directly in schools, youth centers, camps or classrooms with youth or staff.

Compass Rose Consulting works with you and the people within your organization to create new direction, charting a path to organizational health and balance.

To provide quality services to organizations and to individuals that enables them to function with clarity, to operate in life nourishing ways, and to improve their own abilities to organize, grow and learn.

Compass Rose Consulting offers coaching, facilitation services and organizational mentoring services that are custom designed to meet your needs.

Operating Values & Principles

   Relationships: are the foundation of business.  We work to build authentic business partnerships that are win/win.

  Integrity: comes from a place of compassion as we operate from our heart in genuine honest relationship

  Respect: begins with an assumption of good will and we honor each person’s perspective and point of view.

  Community: meets in the circle with barriers between us; here we work in community with the wisdom that is present.

  Diversity: celebrates the differences among us. We strive to learn from each individual’s wisdom.

  Spirit: is present we believe within each person, community, group & organization.

  Learning: is what we embrace as we each move between the ongoing roles of learner and teacher.

  Socially and Environmentally Responsible: to the earth and all of its inhabitants —– this is how we strive to operate.

Business Success Coach Donna Price, works with Entrepreneurs with courage, perseverance and commitment on building abundance within their businesses and their lives. The focus is on developing and implementing a solid strategic plan with implementation coaching and follow through. This combination of proven process and focused coaching has pushed businesses into thrive mode. CRC’s Coaching comes with a guarantee.

Creating a highly successful business is challenging. We work with business leaders and owners clarifying their vision and then focusing on moving it forward, so that it is the reality. We have been successful in moving organizations forward in achieving their vision, and helping individuals to bring their dreams into their reality. We can help you achieve extraordinary success.

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy and our society.  It is the entrepreneurs that will thrive, with perseverance, commitment and follow through.

Building your business can be one of the greatest challenges you ever face. Compass Rose Consulting is a resource for you.

Compass Rose Consulting Profile  — All About Us!

Donna Price, President of Compass Rose Consulting, is the author of “Launching Your Dream”, a business and life coach working with people to live their vision and dream instead of daydreaming.

donnakayakingDonna has made intentional changes in her life throughout her career, taking risks and each time finding her way. She has also faced the unexpected challenges of life. Through intentional work she has always created a path that has moved her in the direction of her life mission.  Her courage to take risks, to face the unexpected have often inspired others to create their dream and make the changes they needed to have a fulfilling life.

Donna is a sailor, kayaker, cyclist, mother, creator and dreamer.  She has 18+ years of mid and upper management experience.  Her experience includes developing residential options for people with disabilities and as the director of an experiential outdoor education center and summer camp for underserved urban youth.  She has been successful in program development, policy and procedure development, staff training and program certification and accreditation.  She has worked to guide programs to be sustainable work places that are life nurturing and enriching.

In addition to her management experience Donna has bicycled across the country working at service projects along the way, participated in a 72 day Outward Bound Leadership course and has extensive training in facilitating adventure education on high and low ropes courses.  Donna has completed intensive training in facilitating the Genuine Contact Program  and is a certified program leader and coach of the Best Year Yet program
Credentials (Some of them)

  • Master’s of Science; Aurora University, Aurora Illinois; Outdoor Recreation Administration
  • Master’s of Science in Education: SUC at Buffalo
  • Graduate: Comprehensive Coaching U: Coach Training Program; Advanced Coaching Program and Executive Coaching Program
  • Best Year Yet Executive Coach and Strategic Facilitator
  • Certified Facilitator: Open Space Technology; Cross Cultural Conflict Resolution; Whole Person Process Facilitation; Conscious Open space Organizations
  • Facilitator: Outdoor Adventure Activities including high and low ropes courses. Training through Project Adventure, and High Five
  • Chapter President, New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners
  • Chair Person of the Board: Holistic Mentorship Network

Our Logo

crc2-logo-3a-2The compass rose is the center of a compass or the rose found on a map. The rose of the compass points us in the direction we need to go, it helps us to identify what direction that is and can be a guide when we are lost. The compass rose is a metaphor, here, for working with business owners and leaders clarify their direction, find a new direction or get back on the right path.

We work with organizations on their navigation to success, whether it is individual success or team succes or organiztional success.