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Business Success Coach, Donna Price, offers comprehensive programs for business leaders.

Donna Price has been providing leadership coaching, business coaching, strategic planning and more to business leaders and owners since 2003.  Published author and speaker, Donna is a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Compass Rose Consulting continues to expand services and offerings to provide the most comprehensive programs worldwide.  Donna’s leadership programs help leaders to excel, while her small business development program provides business owners and professionals the training and resources they need to GROW their businesses.

Business development, leadership development are both cornerstones of the programs offered by Compass Rose Consulting.

The Compass Rose Book Shelf is Growing

Coaching Staff for Success is an easy to read manual for business leaders and managers, giving them the tools and process for bringing coaching into the work environment.  Managers are often challenged to increase and improve employee performance, Coaching Staff for Success is a guide for doing just that.  Teaching managers how to coach their staff and use the tools that they have more effectively increases employee morale, team performance, individual performance and work place satisfaction.

Managers improve their communication skills and are able to be more effective in working with employees even in difficult or challenging situations.

Managers learn how to navigate the difficult conversations and come out on the other side.  Many managers put off difficult conversations because they don’t have the skills to have them.  When managers learn the skills and build the confidence in communicating effectively, these conversations become more natural and easier.

In this book, I have taken my 18+ years of management experience and combined it with my coaching training to create a book that is short, easy and fun to read for managers.  Not too “text booky”, just right.  With hands on strategies and tools.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership is at the core of Navigating to Success.  As the leader, you are the visionary.  You drive the company.  Sharing your vision, your passion, is essential.  It is part of leading.  Bringing your staff into the fold, to KNOW the vision, collaborate on the strategies and implement.  As the leader, you depend upon staff to bring your vision to life.  It becomes essential that you lead.  Be strategic as the leader — develop a strategic process of navigating to success.

Leadership Training/Coaching

Leadership is a lifelong learning journey.  Compass Rose Leadership Groups give leaders a space for development, tools for learning and result in more effective leadership, company results and team cohesiveness.

New Book Released!

Business Success Coach, Donna Price, owner of Compass Rose Consulting, LLC discusses “Leadership — Navigating Success” in the newly released book: “Jersey Women Mean Business!

Big Bold Business™  Advice from New Jersey Women Business Owners: Practical Pointers, Solutions, and Strategies for Business Success“— a trailblazing business success book published by Woodpecker Press.

Just released on June 14th the book is a new entrepreneurial success blueprint featuring savvy, practical advice from 72 different voices; all seasoned businesswomen who have successfully started and grown diverse companies in different parts of the Garden State.

This rich book will include multiple chapters covering:

  • • Finance
  • • Legal Issues
  • • Management
  • • Marketing/PR
  • • Personnel Development
  • • Professional Development
  • • Sales/Production
  • • Work‐Life Balance
  • • Technology

and much, much more, including the smart use of Social Media, great Sales Strategies, effective Time Management tips, the benefits of Blogging, and creative Customer Service.

The project is the brainchild of Joyce Restaino, a NJ-based writer and editor, and Donna R. Thompson, owner of Woodpecker Press. The two women—both independent, successful entrepreneurs in their own right—have been seeking a select group of talented experts out of approximately 63,000 New Jersey women business owners. The goal: to compile practical pointers and success tips, covering the most pressing issues and challenges facing fledgling and growth track women entrepreneurs.

“I am thrilled to be a part of this incredible resource, says Price, who specializes in the people dynamics of the work environment: leaders and teams across the country. I am delighted to be able to give back, to help other women business owners make smarter decisions and avoid some of the common pitfalls in leadership.”

Compass Rose Consulting, LLC based in Newton, NJ, provides business coaching/consulting and leadership development to small companies of 100 employees or less. The company has been in business since 2003 and serves small business owners, entrepreneurs, including East Coast Alternative Energy, MARS Information Systems, and Glenn Zervas Music Productions.

Keep up with the latest news on the Big Bold Business Book on Twitter @bigboldbusiness, or

Leadership Navigator Talk Radio

Compass Rose Leadership Navigator is a show dedicated to business leadership whether it be in a corporate, small business or non profit setting. The Compass Rose Leadership Navigator host, Business Success Coach, Donna Price, brings relevant leadership topics to business leaders, from leadership trends, employee engagement, team building, conflict resolution in the workplace, coaching staff for success, leadership strategies, vision and strategy and many other topic areas . Incredible leaders join Donna for fun and informative conversations about leadership.

You can listen to the show right here on our Radio Player to the right.  Scroll through the shows to find one that is what you need.

Conflict Resolution Article Published in the Drake Business Review

A recent article that I wrote on Conflict Resolution in the workplace was picked up by the Drake Business Review and included in their recent issue.

It is always fun to be published and gain additional exposure and readership.  This was especially fun because it happened organically, through article marketing!  A strategy that I have used for years and seen pay off in different ways over the years.

The article was published in the Drake Business Review and outlines a process for conflict resolution for managers, business leaders and small business owners.  Conflict occurs everywhere.  The art is in dealing with the conflict in an effective and meaningful way.  This process is simple to use and can work with employees as well as sixth graders.

Use the link above to receive your copy!


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