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24+ Million in My Network….

How Many Do You Have in YOUR Network? linkedin

Have you checked your LinkedIn Network recently to see how BIG or small it is? I was just there and found that I have over 24 million professionals in my LinkedIn Network and it grows everyday. Amazing…. And then I did the math…. what if it were generating just one penny for each of those connections?  I didn’t believe it… so I pulled out a calculator and sure enough it was $240,000.   Wow! Well, there is a new social network on the horizon that plans to do something just like that…pay people for their connections — sometimes as little as one penny, but within a connection matrix that will yield a total of 29 million places.  So, if I take my 24 million connections via LinkedIn — I would be generating on just that one penny — $240,000. Incredible. Sounds too GOOD to be true! That’s what I said too. Then I watched the videos…. still questioning…. then I talked to the person that introduced me — a trusted friend and advisor….who had been introduced herself through a close personal business associate….and for $9.95 per month to be in the commission-able group it seemed like a worthy risk. What is the risk?

  •  it doesn’t work… well that would be a bummer but at $9.95 per month and potential income while waiting for the launch — it doesn’t seem like a bad risk.
  • I lose $9.95…. well, that’s like three cups of coffee or one movie ticket or one paperback book, or ….. again… not a bad risk
  • I invite friends and they think I’m crazy…. well, they might have already thought this but now as the money really does start to roll in they are thinking — why didn’t I listen….

I don’t know about you, but I believe that it is possible for all of us to benefit and even if it is just a penny…. well, 24 million pennies is doable for me!!

More Info…. all there for you….CLICK HERE


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Mobile Marketing….

I hope you’ve been able to download and read my free Special Report, (if not go back to my previous post!! It’s right there)  “Why You Need Mobile Ready Websites” – and that it’s got you thinking about the benefits of going mobile (and aware of the dangers of missing this!)057577318d4e21253e7f9cabe02d920f

I used a term in that report… “Luddite”. Some people had heard the term before, some had not: But it didn’t originally mean what people generally use it for now.

A Luddite, as we understand it today, is someone who is:

1. A technophobe – against new-fangled technology

2. Someone who fears change (rather like Wayne, in “Wayne’s World”, for those of you who have seen that particular movie)

Back in the 1800′s, however, “Luddite” stood for something completely different. Named after Ned Ludd, the leader of a group of Nottinghamshire textile workers being put out of work as the result of a ruthless campaign of mechanization by wealthy mill owners, Luddites actually weren’t against technology for itself – they were against any innovation that would cost a living, breathing man his job – and take the food from his children’s table!

They actually *liked* technology that made life easier – as long as it didn’t deprive anyone of a livelihood!

Nowadays, mobile technology is often misunderstood in the same way. Many people see it as adding complexity to an already increasingly-complex 21st century life, dominated by incomprehensible (and definitely ever-changing) technology… when the truth is, mobile web access has actually simplified life for thousands of people, taking away some of the technological stress brought by computer domination.

And when something makes life easier for people, you can bet it’s here to stay!

Sticking your head in the sand won’t make it go away.

Taking the time to understand how to make mobile technology work for you and your business is well worth the investment of a little bit of energy. And if you can get past the misconception that it makes life more complex, or is going to burden you with more work, you will find yourself in for a pleasant surprise!

Be sure to pick up your copy of the mobile-ready-sites!!

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Digital Business Cards…

I don’t know about you but I am finding that I use my smart phone almost more than my computer.

We used them constantly vacation. We used them to find restaurants, attractions — boat launches, parks, beaches, businesses…maps, lobster shacks…..

I even used my phone to share my NEW digital business card!

7238d6f111148b6b61273b812eea042aHow many boxes of business cards do you have? I know I have two right now! One for my coaching business and one for the coffee
business. And sometimes I forget them all.

But the cool thing that I have now is a digital business card with a video (that I choose) and up to 8 call to action buttons.

This means that I am putting live links onto my prospect or customer’s phone. How cool is that!?!

I have three different ones now — one for promoting the digital business card; one for my coaching biz and one for the coffee
biz. When I talk with someone — all I have to do is send them my card via text message!!

Do you know what the open rate is on text messages? Over 90%. 057577318d4e21253e7f9cabe02d920f
This email message — the open rate is significantly less than that. Probably around 20% or maybe 30 or 40%. But that is a significant number. Imagine being able to update your contacts with new specials and offers via text.

Okay… so now you are curious!

Text me and I will send YOU my digital business card:
973-948-7673 use the keyword: bizcardinfo

You can also take a look at it online but it is better on your phone… Biz Card Marketing

Want to learn HOW to get yours set up. Call me!

You can also set up a complimentary card right on my site…just scroll down to the bottom and the green button to set up your card. It takes about 10 minutes. Set Up YOUR Card

Want to learn more about Mobile Marketing Strategies? I have special report (click to download) I had offered in the past, but in case you missed it.

Mobile Marketing is multi-faceted….

Beyond Mobile ready websites, the digital business cards adds an entirely new level of connection.

Let me know what YOU think!

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A NEW Social Media Platform??

Do we need a NEW Social Media/Networking Platform?

Technology is moving fast — perhaps at warp speed…. Keeping up, as a marketer is always a challenge.  And that is not bound to change much.

It is amazing to watch new social platforms emerge and observe what works and what doesn’t.  There are certainly some that have come and then gone.  While others seem to grow quickly and thrive!

On the horizon is a new platform that promises are BIG — with monetization at all levels… and the ability to grow significant income there.

The question for many remains — will it work (this time). Haven’t we tried this before?  Certainly… it is not a new idea — totally…

Many are sitting on the sidelines waiting and watching. Unwilling to get involved UNTIL they see that it will work.  But what is the loss for waiting and watching — the investment — $9.95 per month is little to risk for being in the First Inviters Club and being int he lead on this one.

It is interesting to see the skeptics– willing to spend $6.00 per day for coffee that pays no return but not $9.95 to be on the cutting edge of this one.  Coffee is often used to compare — but it works so well. For many, if they gave up two cups of coffee per month, they could cover the cost of this opportunity and have a bit of change leftover.  For others, it might be one less six pack of beer for the month.

The thing is — launch time is soon…. and the true financial risk on this one is minimal.  if it doesn’t work, well, $10 out.  If it does work, potentially thousands per month can be earned.

Isn’t it just another affiliate marketing plan — not really.  A network marketing plan, not exactly that either.  Some sort of pyramid scheme — well, you could choose to look at it that way.  I always see the corporate structure as the pyramid scheme that doesn’t treat people fairly but others seem to see it differently.

You have to decide what YOU think… to that end I just built a small site to share details:

Let me know what you decide.

Join today as a first inviter and be ready for the launch or sit on the sideline and watch what happens….

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New Revenue…. and its COFFEE!

Growing Revenue Through New Streams of Income

Growing Revenue Through New Streams of Income

Generating Income in any business is at the core of what owners MUST do.

It is the basis of business. Securing a strong revenue stream that is predictable and ongoing is not always as easy. In many businesses, revenue is based directly on

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Self Publishing Crash Course

Now we have a GREAT Self Publishing Crash Course….

Get Your Self Publishing CRASH Course!

A special report — with your first email
Then 6 days of email info!
Easy to read
Easy to implement
Get moving on a Business Book for your company!!

This is a short e-course.  I will not sell or distribute your email to other companies or businesses. We periodically send out additional information about programs, courses etc.  You can always opt out.  Enjoy the Self publishing E-Course!

This course will get you started — thinking, dreaming and visualizing HOW you can get YOUR book published. You will learn valuable tips for publishing and marketing your book. There are good business reasons to publish a book.

A book can help you to generate new leads, build your status as an expert in your field, gain new speaking opportunities, new customers and more!!

And, the best part — it’s easy to publish a book. You can do it!

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What Can A CRASH Course Do For You?

Crash Courses are designed to get you started with an area.  We have developed several crash courses — Google+, Video Marketing, Pinterest, Publishing… they each give valuable information, lessons and resources.  They are each five days long with one email per day.  Maybe one or two of them have six emails.  But in general — its five days of good info to get you started.

If you decide that you need more in-depth training you can look at our training resources for more info.  We have a full compliment of resources for taking you deeper.  Not a DIYer, then we can always offer you the training package paired with individual laser coaching.  Laser coaching is focused right on the area you are working on — such as Google+ or Pinterest or getting your business book published.  Laser coaching is short and fast and focused.  Just 15 minutes-30 minutes.  Each 15 minute segment is $25.   That’s affordable! More comprehensive coaching goes beyond just how to get your Google+ page up and working for you… it goes into your overall marketing strategy.  That type of coaching is a minimum of 30 minutes and is $100 per 30 minute segment.

Start with our CRASH COURSE!  Learn a bit.  And then sign up for additional coaching segments.

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Lessons Learned

doublecheckDid you ever notice that there are lessons that you learn by making mistakes. At the time, you think, ‘Wow! I’ve learned that lesson!’ Only to find yourself making the very same mistake again, and once again learning the lesson.  Each time you think you’ve learned it.  Why is it

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Google Plus.. From Our Hangout…that really wasn’t

Earlier this week, before the snow and after the snow, I held a short Hangout on Google Plus — Tips and Strategies… BUT had technical challenges with our screen share.  So, I recorded the video and have it for you here:


There are so many good reasons to use Google + in your business.

I know many of these I have already said, but just in case you missed it:

  • It’s part of GOOGLE!!!  This is HUGE!  Don’t miss this point.  Google has created a social platform and Google is the number 1 search engine.  Being part of Google+ helps your site to rank.
  • It has both a profile and business page that you can develop
  • Google+ is multi-media oriented — pictures are GREAT, videos are GREAT, infographics are GREAT.
  • You can create custom “circles” of people
  • You can host or participate in a Google Hangout
  • Google Hangouts can be either public or private

and there are more…..of course!

Be sure that you are not leaving Google+ out of the mix.  It is powerful.

To pick up our complete and comprehensive training package go HERE.

At least get yourself started with our Crash Course!

Pick Up Your Google+ Crash Course!




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Google Plus Crash Course

plus_one_blueStill Puzzled with Google Plus?  It is TIME to get started with our Google Plus Crash Course!

The Crash Course is a complete email training that will get you started using Google+ fast.

Google is a social platform that YOU DO NOT want to pass over. It is essential that you create a presence there and learn HOW to use it effectively!!

Pick Up Your Google+ Crash Course!



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